ASUS ZenFone 2 and Instagram Sensation Robert Jahns (Nois7) Join Forces in Jakarta to See What Others Can’t See

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Jakarta, Indonesia (21st April, 2015) — ASUS today launched ZenFone 2 — the flagship smartphone in the new-generation ZenFone family — in Indonesia, and announced an exclusive creative partnership with Instagram sensation Robert Jahns, also known by his Instagram name of Nois7. ZenFone 2 is a premium, stylish and fast smartphone that offers great value, featuring a world-leading camera with high-end photography modes and options that allow photography enthusiasts to see what others can’t see. The much-anticipated ZenFone 2 builds on the resounding worldwide success of the ASUS ZenFone, and won a number of coveted awards at CES 2015. ZenFone 2 has also been recognized with a prestigious 2015 iF Design Award, and the influential Tom’s Guide website named it the Top Smartphone of CES 2015 (,news-20250.html).

See What Others Can’t See: a global photography initiative inspired by ZenFone 2

To celebrate the launch of ZenFone 2, ASUS has partnered with contemporary artist and rising star Robert Jahns, one of the world’s leading Instagram photographers. Robert has been working with ASUS to create an exclusive series of 12 See What Others Can’t See images, each inspired by an element of ZenFone 2. In addition to these 12 new compositions, Robert and ASUS have launched a global initiative to collaborate with photographers across the world, and they will continue to build an exclusive photo series throughout 2015. Robert is set to work with two photographers from Indonesia to co-create a striking composition capturing the country in a way that’s never been seen before.

Erik Hermanson, ASUS Head of Marketing – Mobile says, “Robert Jahns has been referred to as Instagram’s Houdini. He’s one of the photography world’s most imaginative and incredible storytellers, so it’s no wonder his incredible, surrealist expressions of modern life caught the attention of the ZenFone 2 team. We were instantly transfixed by his ability to see what others can’t see, and his otherworldly ability to capture the world in a unique and inspirational way. He embodies everything we’ve poured into the ZenFone 2. Robert is naturally aligned to the ASUS brand and our See What Others Can’t See campaign. I can’t wait to see what he creates next.”

Robert shares, “With each piece I create, I’m aiming to make people smile — to make them see the world a little differently. I’m also striving for flawless execution, delivering something that’s incredible, beautiful and new. These are attributes I have in common with ASUS. They’re innovators with a history of passion for design and technological excellence.”

“The See What Others Can’t See photo series is inspired by ZenFone 2, and we’re just at the start of an amazing journey. I’m looking forward to working with like-minded photographers here in Jakarta and across the globe on the See What Others Can’t See Photo Series. We’re going to create incredible images that capture the world’s most iconic cities and locations, in ways people have never seen before” finishes Robert.



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About Robert Jahns (Nois7)

Robert Jahns is a modern artist, noted as one of the world’s 50 Best Instagram photographers to follow. His captivating work and unique approach to photo manipulation deliver unexpected moments that marry people, nature and movement in ways that seem alive, yet surreal, all at once.

Originally from Germany, Robert now works on a global scale and collaborates with other well-known Instagramers, and even international super-models such as Tyra Banks.

Join his incredible journey here:

About the ZenFone 2 and Robert Jahns' See What Others Can’t See Photo Series

Robert Jahns has joined forces with ASUS to create an exclusive series of 12 breathtaking new images to celebrate the release of the flagship ASUS smartphone. Each image, created exclusively for ASUS, is inspired by ZenFone 2 and captures the brand’s ability to See What Others Can’t See. Fans can view the latest images here:

Next, Robert Jahns will collaborate with photographers and enthusiasts across the globe on the next phase of his See What Others Can’t See Photo Series, inspired by ZenFone 2. Known for capturing unique perspectives on iconic cityscapes, Robert is looking for creative partners to capture incredible images of their country’s famous landmarks and cityscapes. Using these photos, in the way only Robert Jahns can, he will construct new images capturing the world’s famous landmarks and cities, seeing what others can’t see with ZenFone 2.