ASUS Showcases ZenUI and PixelMaster at Mobile World Congress 2014

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ZenUI adds stunning and fluid new user interface exclusive to ASUS mobile devices, and PixelMaster technology enables amazing low-light camera performance


Barcelona, Spain (25th February, 2014) — ASUS is showcasing ZenUI and PixelMaster, two signature features exclusive to ASUS mobile devices, at Mobile World Congress 2014. ZenUI is an all-new mobile experience based on the concepts of freedom, expression and connection, and is a complete rethinking of the user interface on ASUS mobile devices. It features over 200 enhancements to make the mobile experience more fun and seamless. PixelMaster is a camera technology that makes mobile photography effortless for users and enables ASUS devices to capture stunning photographs that rival or surpass those taken by dedicated digital cameras.

ZenUI — fluid, intuitive and beautiful

ZenUI is designed to help users free up their time by enabling them to stay organized and productive —effortlessly. It features an all-new visual design made to be efficient and inviting, with modern ‘flat’ icons, vivid color themes, animations, new ringtones, notification sounds and a clean layout that presents information clearly. ASUS apps have an attractive and space-efficient edge-to-edge designs, and feature individual, context-providing color themes that match each app’s corresponding home screen icon.

What's Next is a feature of ZenUI that helps to free users from actively having to manage the multitude of information they are confronted with daily. It displays the information that is currently most important and useful to the user front and center on the lock screen, the home screen and in the notification drawer, making it easy to know about upcoming appointments — including cancellations and time changes — new messages and missed calls from favorite contacts, the weather at an upcoming destination, birthdays and anniversaries and more.

Do It Later is a ZenUI feature that is seamlessly integrated with many native apps — such as Phone, Email, Messaging and Browser — that frees the user to focus on the task at hand without forgetting other important things to do later. If a user is in the middle of writing an email and receives a phone call, a simple button tap automatically creates a reminder to call that person back. Users can also save interesting items, like articles, YouTube videos, or any webpage, to read later. Each reminder and saved item is collected in the separate Do It Later app and includes a shortcut to perform the related action, such as call a contact or view a webpage.

ZenUI helps users to express themselves by enabling them to easily interact with their different social circles. It deeply integrates the Omlet Open Messaging Platform, letting users conveniently message and share information from multiple apps with friends and family as long as they use one of the many devices supporting Omlet Chat. ASUS apps with Open Messaging functionality include Contacts, Calendar, Email and Gallery.

ZenUI also includes Omlet Chat, a standalone app featuring one-on-one and group chat with unlimited members, and the ability to share photos, stickers, video, audio and more. Shared items can be saved on ASUS WebStorage or any other supported cloud storage service, so they are easy to keep and access anywhere. The Social Hotspot messaging feature lets users set up or join a public or private chat room based on location.

Open Cloud, another feature unique to ZenUI, helps users stay connected to their information and access it anywhere. It integrates cloud storage into the Camera, Gallery, Music and File Manager apps using ASUS WebStorage and other supported cloud services. With Open Cloud, users can choose to automatically upload the photos they take to the cloud, as well as view photos, listen to music and access files already stored there.

PixelMaster — professional-looking photos, every time

PixelMaster is an exclusive ASUS technology — currently available on ZenFone and PadFone mini — comprising a set of features including Selfie Mode and Depth of Field Mode that improve camera functionality and make it easier for users to capture great looking photos. Two additional features of PixelMaster, Low-light Mode and Time Rewind, are also available on ZenFone 5, ZenFone 6 and PadFone mini.

PixelMaster’s Low-light Mode significantly increases camera performance in poorly lit scenes. By merging adjacent pixels, the camera increases light sensitivity by up to 400% and contrast up to 200%, resulting in clear and bright low-light shots without the need for a flash. Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) improves low-light performance even further resulting in sharper, non-blurry photos. Since PixelMaster automatically suggests if Low-light Mode is needed, photos taken in normal lighting conditions are captured in full resolution. Low-light mode is also available when shooting video.

Action photography can be challenging due to subject motion, but Time Rewind makes capturing that perfect moment easier. By automatically taking multiple pictures before and after the user presses the shutter button, the chances of getting a great photo of a difficult subject is increased. After taking the photo, the user can “go back in time” using an easy-to-use interface to select the best shot, or can simply choose to save all of the available shots captured by the camera.

Selfie Mode is a new and innovative way to take high-quality self-portraits (‘selfies’). It enables the user to use the high resolution main camera on the back of the phone — instead of the lower resolution front-facing camera — to take and individual selfie or one with a group of friends. The camera automatically detects when the selected number of people is in the frame and begins a countdown before taking three photos. Afterwards, the user can select the best-looking photo to save and share online.

Depth of field Mode lets the user capture engaging photographs with sharp, isolated subjects set against rich, softly blurred backgrounds—a look known to photographers as shallow depth of field that is usually only possible with dedicated, high-end cameras.

ASUS at MWC 2014

The full lineup of ASUS mobile devices featuring ZenUI and PixelMaster will be on display at Mobile World Congress in the ASUS Product Showroom for members of the media to experience firsthand. The ASUS product showroom is located at booth 2M31 in Hall 2 of Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. It will be open from 24th to 26th February from 9:00am to 8:00pm, and on 27th February from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


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ASUS is showcasing ZenUI and PixelMaster, two signature features exclusive to ASUS mobile devices, at Mobile World Congress. ZenUI is an all-new mobile interface, and PixelMaster is a technology that significantly enhances camera performance.

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ASUS is showcasing ZenUI and PixelMaster, two signature features exclusive to ASUS mobile devices, at Mobile World Congress. ZenUI is a new mobile interface with a modern design that helps users stay organized and productive. PixelMaster is a camera technology for capturing photos and videos rivaling dedicated digital cameras. It includes Low-light Mode to enhance camera performance in poor lighting and other features for taking great photos.

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ASUS is showcasing ZenUI and PixelMaster, two signature features exclusive to ASUS mobile devices, at Mobile World Congress. ZenUI is a new mobile interface helping users stay organized and be productive. It features a new visual design, What's Next to display important information, Do It Later to easily create reminders and save important items, the Omlet Open Messaging Platform, and Open Cloud. PixelMaster is a camera technology enabling ASUS devices to capture photos and videos rivaling those from dedicated digital cameras. It includes Low-light Mode to dramatically enhance camera performance in poor lighting and other features that make taking great photos easier.


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