ASUS Design Center Presents Zensation at Milan Design Week 2015

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Milan, Italy (13 April, 2015) — ASUS Design Center, the award-winning design center within ASUS, is presenting its Zensation exhibition at Milan Design Week from April 14–19, 2015 at Milano, via Tortona 20. This year's exhibition showcases the design team's Zen-inspired philosophy of incorporating diverse elements to produce balanced, harmonious creations that provide incredible experiences and accessible beauty to users. The exhibition features a creative installation by ASUS Design Center that combines water and sound to produce amazing effects for visitors, as well as a stunning product-experience area that has an immersive, animated backdrop and a wide range of ASUS products on display. Visitors to Milan Design Week are invited to interact with the installation and products, and experience these delightful ASUS creations for themselves.



The Zensation exhibition theme at Milan Design Week is inspired by nature and the spirit of Zen. Built around the concepts of coexistence and collaboration, the exhibition explores how diverse elements of an environment connect and interact with each other to form harmonious ecosystems. These concepts apply not only to nature, but also to technology. As technology advances and expands into more areas of everyday life, devices are becoming more diverse, yet are increasingly interconnected. Current technology trends, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, wearables, home automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT), form vibrant ecosystems that provide users advanced functionality and the ability to access information from anywhere.

For the Zensation exhibition, ASUS Design Center took these broad ideas of diversity and harmony inspired by Zen thought, and created a dynamic, interactive installation for visitors to Milan Design Week. The installation consists of falling streams of water and sounds of nature that change and interact with one another to form a stunning visual and aural experience. While visitors approach and view the installation, their movements will trigger individual streams of water to change into various shapes. Each shape has an accompanying nature-inspired sound that plays while the shape is displayed. As more visitors interact with the installation, it will expand and grow more compelling as additional water streams are added and the diverse sounds of nature intermingle and resonate like an orchestra.

The Zensation exhibition also features a unique product-experience area featuring a 15-meter-long interactive wall that blends projected images of three natural landscapes into one beautifully sweeping view. Each landscape serves as a backdrop for a flagship ASUS product, including ZenFone 2, Transformer Book T300 Chi and ZenBook UX305. As visitors explore each product, they can use different gestures to trigger interactive animations on the backdrop that provide details about that product's features. In addition to the products showcased in the interactive projection, additional ASUS products are on display in the product experience area.


ASUS Design Center

ASUS Design Center is a multi-disciplinary and award-winning team within ASUS. It consists of a group of passionate designers, engineers, and dreamers who pride themselves on crafting incredible experiences. ASUS employs a "Start with People" approach to product design that ensures a focus on creating value for users. By understanding the needs of people, ASUS empowers users with meaningful and charming experiences.

ASUS designers believe that as technology becomes more personal, devices should strive to provide an intuitive user experience. Products should stand out by balancing purity in design expression and execution. Looking ahead, ASUS designers envision products that balance humanity and technology, and are seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.

Since 2001, ASUS Design Center has received over 289 awards, including the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), iF Design Award, Good Design Award (G Mark), Red Dot Award, and other prestigious international design accolades.