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ASUS Event Highlights Groundbreaking Intel ROG Motherboards, Top-Shelf Power Supplies, Premium Monitors, Plus Other Gaming Gear

Oct 28, 2021

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced a groundbreaking new generation of Intel®-based motherboards, power supplies, monitors and more during its Break All Limits event. For the first time, gamers can wield DDR5 memory modules and PCIe® 5.0 devices, plus Intel® Core™ CPUs that have been redesigned from the ground up to feature as many as 16 cores and 24 threads.

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Asus Chairman Jonney Shih: 'We do far more with plastic'


By Aloysius Low

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Striding confidently onto the stage at the company's ZenFone launch this week was Asus Chairman Jonney Shih.

Well known for being the face of the company, it was Shih, not Jerry Shen, the current CEO of Asus, who announced the new Android-powered smartphones to the media.

As Shih spoke for an hour or so onstage, introducing slide after slide, you could tell the Asus chairman was enjoying his time there.

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