ASUS Unveils Cutting-Edge Servers and Data Storage for HPC and AI at Computex 2024

Asus Unveils Cutting Edge Servers and Data Storage for Hpc and AI at Computex 2024

Featuring servers powered by the latest Intel Xeon 6 processors

  • Comprehensive solutions for HPC and AI: ASUS showcases its expertise at Computex 2024, unveiling solutions for HPC and AI, equipped to meet diverse enterprise needs 

  • Server technology advancements: RS700-E12 and RS720-E12 series powered by Intel® Xeon® 6 CPUs offer enhanced performance, efficiency and security for data-intensive workloads 

  • Revolutionary storage solutions: VS320D series SAN storage solution, offers high-speed data transmission and robust security features to meet the escalating demands of the HPC and AI era 

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 4, 2023 ASUS, a leading data center solutions provider, today proudly unveils its expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and diverse enterprise needs in its Data Center Solutions VIP Showcase at Computex 2024. At the event, ASUS demonstrates its expertise in servers, storage and data center architecture with support for Intel®, AMD and NVIDIA® technologies, as well as its liquid/air-cooling solutions and proprietary, high-quality software platforms. Equipped to meet the demanding requirements of today’s data-intensive workloads, ASUS offers tailored solutions that are meticulously designed to elevate performance, reliability and scalability. From research institutions, financial firms, to manufacturing facilities, ASUS stands ready to empower organizations with cutting-edge HPC capabilities. Here are some standout showcase highlights. If you wish to make a reservation, please do so here. 


Unveiling enhanced flexibility with Intel Xeon 6 processors 

To build a top-notch ecosystem, strong integration and partnerships are crucial for excellence. ASUS proudly introduces its latest servers, RS700-E12 and RS720-E12 series, powered by Intel® Xeon® 6 processors. Through fine tuning in hardware design, we've adeptly addressed the challenges of higher performance as well as increased power consumption, while also embracing modular design for more efficient motherboard layout and serviceability. Empowered by ASPEED AST2600 and PFR AST1060, these advancements have been seamlessly integrated into the all-new ASMB12-iKVM on the Intel Xeon 6 processor platform, resulting in remarkable CPU performance and fortified out-of-band management and security. This new architecture enriches all workloads, leveraging Intel 7 process paired with multiple compute cores etched on Intel 3 process, to deliver unparalleled efficiency and reliability. 


Next-gen ASUS solutions driving HPC and AI evolution 

In the world of HPC and AI data centers, computing power is significant. However, alongside exceptional hardware, ASUS company excels in developing efficient software platforms like ASUS AI Foundry Services, which have for years been deployed in diverse HPC projects. These services, in conjunction with ASUS Data Center Solutions, continuously evolve to meet technological advancements and customer demands, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity worldwide. This comprehensive offering includes a web portal, scheduler, resource allocations, software implementation and service operations, all bundled into one cohesive package. 

Earlier this year, ASUS partnered with WEKA.IO to introduce software-defined storage, enriching its solutions for generative AI. As the demand for data accelerates, WEKA.IO's integration into AI workloads ensures lightning-fast storage for quick and precise AI training and inference. This collaboration underscores ASUS and WEKA.IO's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that maximize organizations' data infrastructure potential, reshaping the landscape of storage solutions with unparalleled speed, scalability and efficiency. The solutions are available now. 

Furthermore, AI fine-tuning should not be limited to larger cloud providers or large enterprises. ASUS collaborates with Phison and Deepmentor to provide a comprehensive generative AI all-in-one solution, preloading complex large language models (LLMs) onto a single server and offering a complete graphical interface. Mid-sized companies simply need to configure settings for their internal data, thereby enabling the creation of their own dedicated generative AI environment for their daily business operations. 


Empowering data storage for the era of HPC and AI 

In response to the escalating demands for data storage fueled by HPC and AI trends, ASUS proudly unveils its latest innovation: the VS320D series SAN storage solution. Comprising the VS320-RS12 and VS320D-RS26 models, this series is meticulously designed to cater to diverse workloads. Equipped with dual controllers and an intuitive software interface, the VS320D series ensures exceptional availability for critical applications like databases, virtualization, and media editing. With ASUS Storage Manager, users can effortlessly devise comprehensive backup strategies and efficiently manage disk allocations. 

Moreover, the VS320D series delivers high-speed data transmission via iSCSI and Fiber Channel, guaranteeing swift and reliable access to data. Stringent security protocols have been implemented to safeguard sensitive information, including advanced measures to thwart ransomware attacks and preserve data integrity. Its comprehensive security features make it an ideal solution for environments prioritizing data security. 


About ASUS
About ASUS

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What is an AI PC?

What is an AI PC?